Autobrite - Jaffa Clean - Degreaser & Protection - 500ml

Autobrite - Jaffa Clean - Degreaser & Protection - 500ml

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Product Description

Jaffa Clean has been formulated to remove dirt, grime, light grease and leave protection behind in one application. This is perfect for all engine bays, door & boot shuts and any other greasy panels/parts where light grease/oil accumulates. Just spray onto the panel/part, agitate with a suitable detailing brush and rinse or wipe away excess leaving a grease free and protected finish.
With a selection of special ingredients, orange scented Jaffa Clean will ensure a safe, easy and effective clean no matter what the surface. Especially effective on door shuts where grease and grime lives leaving a clean and glossy finish. Jaffa Clean will dilute up to 5-1 if required making this product very economical to use.

Perfect for engine detailing and leaves your engine bay looking lovely, a really handy product for those difficult greasy areas, leaving a professional finish.

Product Features

  • Pleasant orange fragrance
  • Effective degreaser combined with dressing
  • Versatile - agitate and rinse, or spray and wipe
  • Dilutable up to 1:5
  • Safe for both painted surfaces and plastics/rubber
  • 500ml