Lake Country CCS Foam - Hand Wax Applicator Pads - Gold

Lake Country CCS Foam - Hand Wax Applicator Pads - Gold

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CCS Gold Applicator Pads make hand polishing easier with soft, nonabrasive foam and CCS technology.

The CCS Gold Jewelling Applicator Pad is perfect for applying fine polishes and glazes to your car. Gold Jewelling Applicator Pads have CCS Technology to reduce the absorption of polishes into the foam.

Foam polish applicators are an important tool for any detailer. Even with the ever-growing popularity of machine polishers, wax applicators are still beneficial for waxing and polishing hard-to-reach areas that you just can't reach with a machine.

The face of each CCS pad is covered in strategically placed pockets, located where the foam cells have been closed. Polish does not absorb into these closed cell pockets, leaving more product on the pad's surface and on the paint. This polish-saving design allows wax to spread further because less product is absorbed by the applicator pad.

To clean CCS Applicator Pads, let them soak in a mixture of Detailer's Pro Series Polishing Pad Rejuvenator and water for about 15 minutes. Agitate gently if needed, then rinse thoroughly with clean water and let air dry.

Each Pack Includes 1 pad

Each pad measures 4.25 inches in diameter.