Lake Country HDO-CCS Pads 5.5" - Black Finishing

Lake Country HDO-CCS Pads 5.5" - Black Finishing

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Lake Country CCS HDO Pads combine the durable, dual layer design and tapered edge of HDO pads with CCS technology.

These new pads build on the hugely popular HDO pads with the addition of integrated CCS pockets. These CCS pockets slow the rate of absorption by gradually releasing polish as needed by the operator. 

Lake Country CCS HDO Pads are specially designed foam pads developed for long-stroke dual action polishers.

The addition of CCS pockets also reduces surface tension to allow operator to run the pad flat on working surfaces. CCS pockets also reduce surface heat.


-         Slow Rate of Polish Absorption – CCS pockets gradually release polish as needed by the operator

-         Prevents Pad Skipping – CCS pockets reduce surface tension allowing operator to run pad flat on working surface

-         Dual Layer – The dual layer design reduces lateral/horizontal movement, resulting in a reduction of friction inside the pad which increases durability by eliminating excessive heat and reduces foam fatigue


Available pads:

Blue Heavy Polishing

Orange Polishing

Black Finishing


Size: 5.5"