Mammoth Hybrid Twist Drying Towel - Small 30x30cm

Mammoth Hybrid Twist Drying Towel - Small 30x30cm

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The Mammoth Hybrid Twist Drying Towel is a premium drying towel that has alternating strips of Korean twisted fibres and soft plush microfibre.

The strips of twisted fibres are raised compared to the strips of microfibre. This allows 50% of the towel to sit on the panel and 50% to gently float across the surface.

Mammoth Hybrid Twists are 1100gsm and double-sided making them extremely absorbent. The unique construction of the towels means less pressure is needed to absorb moisture.

The towels have a soft border to minimise the risk of scratching.



-         Unique hybrid construction

-         Extremely absorbent

-         Available in three sizes


Available sizes:

Extra Large - 75x90cm

Large - 50x75cm

Small - 30x30cm