Mild Deep - 'Cleanse'  Concentrated Shampoo

Mild Deep - 'Cleanse' Concentrated Shampoo

Mile Deep
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Mile Deep CLEANSE is a highly concentrated high-performance pH-Neutral Shampoo, developed to be a highly potent cleaner with enough lubricity to help your mitt gently slide over the vehicles surfaces. Using Mile Deep CLEANSE at your contact wash stage will give you a fantastic cleaning results with ease, cutting through dirt and lifting it away from the surface whilst being kind to the surface below and any coatings and L.S.P there may be.
CLEANSE is a highly concentrated shampoo solution so will not only give you amazing results and help reduce marring and swirls, but also last you a very long time! It is ideally paired with our FILL detailing buckets and CARESS wash mitt for the best results form application, oh,  it smells good too! with a lovely mild chocolate orange scent!

  • Extreme levels of lubricity.
  • Dense, durable foam.
  • Remove contamination.
  • Protecting against marring.
  • Colourant and additive free.
  • Friendly to all Last Stage Products and finishes.