Mild Deep - 'Flair' Ceramic Detailer

Mild Deep - 'Flair' Ceramic Detailer

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FLARE is an ultra-high-performance Ceramic Quick Detailer, the ceramic infusion immediately creates a highly protective, and highly durable hydrophobic layer with UV resistance and outstanding levels of gloss!

Simply spray a small amount onto a microfibre cloth, apply it to the panel, and buff it off, its that simple to use!

Rapid curing enables fast, easy and smear-free buffing off. FLARE is ideal for topping up existing coatings between applications, as well as giving your pride and joy an additional easily applied layer of gloss and protection after every maintenance wash.

A colourant-free formula that is super quick and easy to use, FLARE is compatible with other Last Stage Products and has a durability of up to 3 months.

  • Stunning deep gloss finish.
  • Easy to apply and buff off.
  • Ultra-high levels of hydrophobicity.
  • Colourant-free formula.
  • Compatible with other Last Stage Products and finishes.