Mild Deep - 'Sheild' Ceramic Foam Sealant

Mild Deep - 'Sheild' Ceramic Foam Sealant

Mile Deep
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SHIELD is a Ceramic Foam Sealant, formulated to be easily applied using a foam lance to quickly and effectively create a protective hydrophobic layer of your vehicle. Simply spray it on, rinse it off and dry your vehicle! Its that easy to apply!

SHIELD will create outstanding levels of gloss on your vehicles surfaces, leaving a protective hydrophobic layer with a UV barrier protection, lasting up to 6 months from a single application.

Plus the added bonus that it can reach into awkward places that you normally wouldn’t be able to get to with more traditional finishes, such as undersides and hard to access areas.

A fantastic product that can be used on a previously unprotected vehicle or to top up existing L.S.P. try some today in your maintenance wash regime.

  • Up to 6 months protection from a single application.
  • Stunning deep gloss finish.
  • Ultra-high levels of hydrophobicity.
  • Colourant-free formula.
  • Compatible with other Last Stage Products and finishes.