New Car Protection Package

New Car Protection Package

Protect And Shine
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Everyone is excited when they purchase a new car.

So we have come up with this package to keep your new car looking good and protected for the future.

Whats Included


1.     Citrus pre-wash and rinse

2.     Wheels  cleaned and rinse

3.     Snowfoam and rinse

4.     Safe 2 Bucket Wash and Rinse

5.     Decontamination - Tar & Iron Removed

6.     Towel Dried

7.      Panel Wiped

8.      3 Year Garage Therapy Ceramic Coating.

9.      Wheels Sealed and protected 

10.     Exterior plastics sealed and protected with ceramic trim dressing.

9        Glass cleaned.


1.       Carpet's Vacuumed 

2.       Glass Cleaned

3.       Interior Plastic dressed with matt dressing.

4.  a.    Fabric seats sealed with fabric protectant.

      b.   Leather seat sealed with leather protectant.