P&S Double Black Pearl Auto Shampoo 128oz 3.78L

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Renny Doyle Double Black Pearl Auto Shampoo from P&S is a highly-concentrated, pH balanced car shampoo.

Pearl Auto Shampoo is the premium choice of car shampoo for professional detailers. It consistently provides an incredible amount of foam and lubricity to ensure a perfectly safe wash each and every time.

This shampoo can be used with any washing apparatus. It is perfect for use in a foam gun, foam cannon, or a simple hand wash.

Renny Doyle Double Black Pearl Auto Shampoo is formulated with pH balanced and 100% biodegradable chemicals and agents. This means that Renny Doyle Double Black Pearl Auto Shampoo is perfectly safe for the environment and your hands.

Renny Doyle has been a titan in the detailing industry for over 25 years! During his time in the detailing industry, he has traveled all around the world providing a wide range of detailers, collectors, business owners, and celebrities his detailing services and education. All of the products in the Renny Doyle Collection by P&S are endorsed by the legendary detailer himself, Renny Doyle.


Always wash your vehicle in a shaded area whenever possible. Dilute Renny Doyle Double Black Pearl Auto Shampoo 80:1 with water to ensure proper lubricity and foam. Rinse your vehicle prior to application. Apply Renny Doyle Double Black Pearl Auto Shampoo to your vehicle using your preferred distribution method. Wash your vehicle thoroughly with a wash mitt, wash pad, wash brush, or sponge. Rinse vehicle surface thoroughly and dry using your preferred drying method.


-         pH balanced

-         Provides high levels of foam & lubricity

-         100% biodegradable