Purestar - German Polish & Wax Pad

Purestar - German Polish & Wax Pad

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The Purestar German Polish & Wax Pad is a dual sided oval shaped applicator ideal for both polishing and finishing paint by hand.

The pad comprises two sides, the black side is a reticulated open cell structure. This makes it absolutely perfect for applying thin, even coats of car waxes and paint sealants.

The orange side is a pre-polymer cell structure which is designed to specifically work with all modern polishes. The pad is firm enough to allow polishes to be worked aggressively enough to actually break the polish down reducing the risk of dullness and hazing.

Use this pad with light cut compounds, cleaner waxes, sealants and glazes.


-         Material: Foam

-         Colour: Black/Red/Orange

-         Multi-functioning, double-sided pad

Size: 15x3.6x9cm