Soft 99 - Ultra Glaco invisible wiper, 70 ml

Soft 99 - Ultra Glaco invisible wiper, 70 ml

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Absolute number 1 among hydrophobic glass coatings!

Ultra Glaco is a legend in the invisible wiper category and one of the most popular products of this kind in the world. Thanks to the Fusso technology of fluoropolymers being used here, it is unsurpassed in terms of durability of up to 12 months and resistance to harsh weather conditions.

Ultra Glaco, invisible wiper, 70 ml 10

Invaluable not only during rain and storm

Ultra Glaco works all year round. It reduces the adhesion of dirt in summer and spring, and thanks to the slipperiness it provides, it will allow you to easily remove insect remains from your windshield. In winter it will reduce or even completely block the adhesion of hard-to-remove frost and ice on your windshield!

Ultra Glaco, invisible wiper, 70 ml 11

Effortless and easy to apply

The integrated felt applicator allows for an even coat to be applied every time, and the product formula makes polishing the residues a mere formality. 

Ultra Glaco, invisible wiper, 70 ml 12


Durability up to 12 mo.
Applications x5 windshields
Contains 70 ml
Product reference 10310


How to apply

Make sure not to apply it on a wet glass surface, otherwise it may cause streaks and scratches.
1 Prepare the glass surface by washing it thoroughly with a pH neutral shampoo and drying it with a towel or microfiber.
2 Shake the bottle well.
3 Take the cap off and apply the applicator onto the dry windshield.
4 After application, let the coating sit on the glass' surface for 5-10 minutes, then wipe it off with a slightly damp towel or microfiber.
For best results, let the coating sit on the glass for more than 12 hours after polishing, in order to make the coating bond to the glass surface.