Synergy QD.

Synergy QD

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What We Say:

Synergy QD makes special use of ceramic resins, typically not found in a quick detailer. In order to accomplish this, we have created a technical aqueous-solvent formula that does not rely on a dedicated emulsifier. This allows an extremely high 12.5% Si02 content compared to the 1.5% of QDX Ceramic Detailer. Not only this but Synergy is even easier to use and much more resistant to detergents than QDX with a maximum durability of 24 weeks.❞

Safety Considerations

The spray may cause irritation to eyes and skin, always wear gloves when using chemicals. If irritation develops stop using right away and wash the affected area with cold soapy water or eyewash if in eyes. Seek medical advice if the irritation develops into a rash or becomes painful.  

Application Instructions

Spray a fine mist of product over a clean dry panel only. spread using a soft short pile microfibre towel. After a short cure time of 30 seconds to 5 mins remove any light residue with a second towel, ideally a plush towel like our yellow buffing cloth. This product will fully develop after 3 hours.