Garage Therapy - /Zero Citrus - 1 litre

Garage Therapy - /Zero Citrus - 1 litre

Protect And Shine
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/ZERO: Citrus is a premium deep cleansing pre-wash and all-purpose cleaner that is highly concentrated with di-limonene and non-caustic biodegradable sugar-based surfactants for optimal degreasing and cleaning performance on all external vehicle surfaces.

/ZERO: Citrus’ complex formulation has been specifically developed to be safe on paint, whilst also having a suitable pH and highly concentrated citrus content to soften traffic film and bug splatter so it can be easily rinsed away.

/ZERO: Citrus is a highly versatile cleaner suitable for use on painted finishes, matte paint, wheels, metals, glass, plastics and rubbers. 

/ZERO: Citrus can also be used as an APC for heavy-duty cleaning for automotive interior plastics, textiles and engine bays.

Features and Specification:
- Premium Citrus prewash and APC.
- Suitable for exterior and interior use.
- Highly concentrated - dilutable up to 1:100.
- Kills mould spores.
- Trigger/pump and foam sprayer compatible.
- Foam lance compatible.
- Ceramic coating safe.
- Sealant and wax safe above 1:50 dilution ratio.