Zvizzer 140/25/125 (5") Trapez Pads

Zvizzer 140/25/125 (5") Trapez Pads

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Zvizzer 140/25/125 (5") Trapez Pads

Zvizzer Trapez pads are designed for random orbital (Dual Action) polishers, such as the DAS-6, Vertool & Rupes machines. They feature a reticulated (open cell) structure and central hole, all which help dissipate heat build up to allow maximum performance on dual action car polishers. The trapez pads also feature a beveled, angled edge  for safer working

These Zvizzer Trapez pads feature a 140, are 25mm thick and are suited for use with all (125mm) 5" backing plates.

Blue Heavy Cutting Pad

To remove: Very Heavy Scratches
Use with: Zvizzer  Pre-Cut Deep scratch remover

Red Cutting Pad

To remove: Deep scratches
Use with: Zvizzer - HC 4000 Heavy Cut Scratch Remover 

Orange One Step Pad

To remove: Fine scratches
Use with: ZviZZer - MC 3000 Medium Cut - One Step

Yellow Finishing Pad

To remove: Holorams & very fine scratches
Use with: ZviZZer FC 2000 Fine Cut Hologram Remover

Green Finishing/Waxing Pad

To remove: Micro scratches
Use with: Zvizzer UC 1000 Ultra Fine Cut, Swirl Remover & Sealing.

The new ZviZZer Polishing Pads were developed for the specific application in combination with the ZviZZer Polishing System to achieve optimum results.

The "Made in Germany" production guarantees the associated quality as well as the longevity of the five reticulated (open-cell) foam types. Zvizzer optimized production of the foam blocks, the splitting, cutting, milling up to the waterproof bonding, happens completely in Germany under constantly controlled quality assurance. Based on modern and exclusive color design, the respective application areas can be easily and individually assigned.